Rona is available for performances at Schools, Libraries, Conferences, Festivals and Special Events, Camps, Religious Organizations,
Nature Centers and Organizational Events.

 Rona’s one-woman show for adults:

The Prince of Pirates and The Witch of Wellfleet
Wander the bluffs of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and you might hear whispers of the ghost of Maria “Goody” Hallet, calling for (or cursing) her lover, “Black Sam Bellamy”.  Come hear their tale…..this is not your average ‘happily ever after’ ending!
Rona’s newest show, “The Prince of Pirates and The Witch of Wellfleet”,  is her version of a classic Cape Cod tale, set in the early 1700’s.   It is an interesting intersection between legend and history….and truths that are both factual and real. It is approximately an hour and 15 minutes long and is an engaging, powerful look at life in puritan New England through the lens of story. It addresses the history of the era, universal themes, “gang mentality” of the masses, hypocrisy and resilience. 


Fun Frolic and Fancy: Stories for Families!
Kaleidoscope Stories
Travelin’ Shoes: Stories form Near and Far!
A selection of fun, educational stories from around the world!
Sit back, put your feet up and join Storyteller Rona Leventhal for a journey around the world and back!  Rona is one person, but many voices. Through her, skies talk, turtles sing, and magic happens! “Part mime, part singer, part actress, she walks her tales, talks them, sketches them with her hands, and stretches them from the ceiling to the floor”*. Rona will have you dancing, swaying in your seats, making funny noises, singing, and laughing, as she shares stories from the silly to the serious, from the mysterious to the monsterous!
* Quote by Bruce Watson from the Amherst Bulletin
Haunts, Haints, and Hollers: Stories for a Halloween Eve (ages 8-12 & 13-adult)
Will Jack survive the haunted house? No one else has!  What does the dead man want from Mary Culhane?  Join the search for the last panther in eastern Kentucky….or the woman and the milk bottles!   What would you do with a skeleton that won’t die?  With screams you hear in the night?  Who’s the real ghost and who’s not?  You will find all manner of haints, dead folk, shape shifters and mysterious players…….from the spooky and eerie to the silly & transformative!
Goblins and Giggles: Stories for a Halloween Eve (ages 5-8)
Who’s in the cave?  It says it’s going to eat you!  Is there anything scary out there in the dark? Ever heard of a ghoul that just wants to show you how silly she can be?  Why is the boy afraid of the red, red lips?  Or the green pants?  Do you know the magical spell to get rid of a monster that comes to town?  How do you get rid of a Belly Button monster?  Listen and you’ll find out!
Come on board and hear a tale or two that will put shivers up your spine and send you home with a smile!
Mysteries, Puzzles, and Mind Twisters: Stories to Ponder and Play With
How can you twist words meant to be your demise into saving your life? What are the clues that the wise judge uses to solve the crime? What mysterious things happen when your journey takes you to unexpected places? Join Rona as she spins tales of mysterious shape shifters, mind plays, and creative solutions to problems that will leave you pondering the stories for days!
Earth Celebrations!
Earth tales and songs about environmental awareness, personal action and responsibility, conservation,interdependence, and our animal friends.
Woven As One: Stories and Songs About Community
Working together towards a common goal; Making sacrifices to benefit the community; Celebrating similarities and differences; and the Natural community.
The Silkie’s Song: Stories and Songs of the Sea
How the tides were made, whales, seal people and journeys through the sea.
I Like Myself Just The Way I Am! A Program on Self-Esteem
Feeling good enough about ourselves to succeed against the odds; Knowing and using your strengths; and Outwitting others.
Go Girls! Stories of Strong Women and Girls
What happens when girls and woman use their wit, wisdom and courage to get what they deserve, instruct others and get out of odd situations? Find out!
Turning the Wheel: Seasonal Tales
Tales to warm your toes in Winter, slip into Spring, feel the breeze on a hot Summer day and rejoice in the splendor of the Fall!
Kaleidoscope Stories
A selection of fun, educational stories and songs combining the above topics.
Oy Vey! Stories from the Jewish Tradition
Pulling from the Jewish folkloric tradition, Rona tells stories that touch on the Jewish concepts of tzedakah (giving), kavannah (intention) and living more clearly with the sacred in ourselves, others and the Earth. Holiday-specific programs are also available, such as: Hanukkah; Tu B’shvat; Passover; and Shabbat.
Degas and the Little Dancer: A Story / Theater Piece
A commissioned work involving story and drama that gives insight into Degas, the man, and the creation of his famous statue, The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years.
Tales from Russia
Enter a world that is at the same time familiar and uniquely Russian! Take a journey with a Russian Cinderella, enter into a mitten stuffed with animals, and find out what a wonderous wonder is! And what advice does grandfather have? Find out!
Asian Sampler
Hear stories from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India and beyond!
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For innovative, participatory and exciting learning experiences for students, teachers and staff
Using games, movement and drama exercises, creative visualizations and other participatory techniques, Rona works with students, teachers and staff in story telling and story creating in the oral tradition. Additional workshop possibilities include exploring the many themes within a story, creating follow-up activities and curriculum integration.
What Color is the Wind? Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum
Discover…a new world of peanut butter air and free sounds. Explore…gibberish, poetry and storytelling. Become…a glacier or recycled paper.
Kid Connections focuses on a specific curriculum area. Working closely with the teacher, Rona creates a program that meets student and curriculum needs. Arts forms may include storytelling, creative movement and drama, visual arts, puppetry or mask-making.
Teacher Tools are workshops that provide an overview of various art forms and how they can be woven into the curriculum.
Family and Oral History
This program teaches interviewing skills and looks at the human touch in history and stories. Storytelling techniques are applied. For grades 4 and up. Older students may work on an historical figure piece.
Creative Writing
Movement, drama, drawing, trust exercises, the environment, green slime, our senses and more are used to creates stories and poems.
Improvisational Movement and Drama
Expands the creative mind and body, and improves public speaking, listening and spontaneous thinking skills.
Environmental Education
Programs incorporates hands-on learning through activities, games, storytelling, movement and drama, poetry and exploration.
Hold On! Building Cooperative Classrooms
Uses games and activities that promote an understanding of group dynamics, positive communication and cooperation.
Notes to Workshops and Residencies
In each program, Rona tries to use various art forms (movement, drama, oral/linguistic exercises, singing and drawing) that incorporate several modalities of learning to appeal to a wide variety of students’ needs and learning styles. This allows for a student to expand his or her comfort level from one modality/area, such as movement, to another, such as writing. This transference of skills is the importance of multi-modality learning and using arts in education. In all, this philosophy provides a strong motivational element for students and is one of the vital connections between oral and written language in Rona’s work.
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Rona is available for making featured presentations at conferences that will engage the audience, challenge them in a non-threatening way to think critically and creatively about their work,inspire them to take their skills and knowledge back to the classroom to be more effective educators, and reinforce for them the incredible impact that they can have in the lives of children. Presentations can be used to “jump-start” a conference, invigorating the participants to fully engage in the workshops or to bring closure to a gathering.